22/10/2017 WPKC Olivia and Melani Debut

The past weekend was one to remember! There were a lot of "firsts" for me.

Those of you that know me, know that I do not go into the show ring (unless forced todo so). I usually sit beside the ring (quivering in my boots) and watch Christian work his magic - and he makes it all look so easy!

When Olivia arrived in July, she took a liking in me - and I started thinking maybe I should try this? Each time it was my turn to do so, I would hand the lead to Chris and ask him to do it for me.

But this weekend was different - I put on my "big girl" shoes and willingly and happily handled Olivia. As we were waiting in the marshalling area and I looked down at her big brown eyes - I could almost hear her saying : "Are you ready? Let's do this..."

And all I had to do was hold on - like she knew that she had to work a little bit extra for us both - just until I find my feet

She did not place a foot wrong and won under Mr I Holdsworth: The open class CC (Winner's) bitch, Best of Breed, Herding group 3