18/02/2018 SALKA 2

Under Herding specialist Mrs C Mulcahy (Ireland/Australia): BBPIS BJIS Villanyda Blues on the Bayou "Olivia" won: The open class, then got awarded the CC (Winner's Bitch) (Pending Kusa ratification making her a South African Champion) She then went further to be awarded Best of Breed and Group 2 (in a stellar line-up) - all this before the age of two Denise's lovely Samoyed, Zac (a multiple Best in Show winner), won the Herding group - well done Denise, he looked lovely as always!

I have never felt so overwhelmed at a dog show...the cheers and claps from ringside were absolutely amazing and gave me goosebumps and tears as we ran around the ring...the hugs inside the ring when we got awarded were just as special! Thank you to my fellow exhibitors for your support and is a show that will be remembered for years to come - mostly because of the wonderful spirit and camaraderie!

Photo taken by a Marezanne Lingenfelder - who has sadly since passed on. A young lady who was taken too soon :(